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John Holmes Let Me Count The Lays

  • Year: 1979
  • Director: David Stefans
  • Starring: John Holmes, Judy Angel, Andy Bellamy, Roger Caine, Alex Elliot, Patti Lee

  • Description: What's a horny groom to do when his bride announces on their wedding night that she's a virgin, and then asks him how many girls he had in the past? Well, like any honest man, he responds by saying...LET ME COUNT THE LAYS...! And that's exactly what super stud John Holmes does as he relives his amorous adventures with a bevy of busty, bawdy beauties, including Lelani, the sensuous Hawai'ian wahini, lusty Deanna and the swinger's club, Linda the Sunset Strip hooker, and Babydoll with her toy alligator!
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