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When my folks called and said they wouldn't be in town the whole weekend... You should have seen my happy dance, cause I knew it meant party, party, party! I'm the craziest party animal, as well as my friends. Each time we get together, we go nuts. And our chicks ain't whiney boring touch-me-nots. They do love sex and they can drink, even better than us, guys. You don't believe me? Watch reality video that we recorded for this site, it's unforgettable. You won't find babes prettier and with same appetite for fuck!

When we gathered in the living room of my apartment, we started out with that stupid drinking game, then it was time for truth or dare, cause our main goal was to get drunk and to loosen chicks up so that they would share their secret sexual fantasies with us and maybe fulfill some of them into reality at our hot party! It actually worked, sexy girls talked about their first anal experience and stuff like that. Then one of the ladies found a strap-on in my parents bedroom, and decided to check it out with her girlfriend, that was crazy to peep them fuck!

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They were so unbelievably hot! Two curvy chicks using a strap-on and rolling around on my parents bed! We all simultaneously started to undress, cause we wanted to join the sex party and start a real orgy together! I grabbed the hottest chick to show her my cock is better than some stupid dildo! When I turned around to find out what my buddies were doing, I was shocked with the sexiest threesome scene I've ever seen in my freaking life! And would you believe if I say it was just a beginning of craziest bash?