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College Christmas party
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DURATION: 2h 24m

The story:

Life has been such a let down lately! We had to write more tests and pass more exams, which doesn't exactly sound like fun, right? But wait a minute, it's Christmas time! How can we not celebrate Christmas? Of course we made up our minds to throw another unforgettable college sex party, this time in the sauna! Me and my boy rent the place for a night, and there was only one last but definitely not least thing to do, to invite sexy chicks to our hot Christmas party! Yes, it can be hot hot hot in winter, if you party with us! We chose four most pretty and fun girls from another department and guess what, they all agreed to come!

So we started it as usual, drinking champagne and saying toasts! Those who passed all the exams had nothing to worry about, and some of the girls got really wild, I guess it's Christmas mood that made them so happy about everything. And who doesn't want to fuck when there's a holiday? Everybody does! That's why I grabbed the most pretty girl in the room and took her to a private room. She looked like she didn't mind to have fun, and I was right, blonde bombshell let me fuck her rough, and I even shot my load inside her tight ass hole. We both were fine with my buddy watching us and jerking off, who cares really?

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Then it all turned into such a crazy bash, I never planned anything of what happened later! Chicks put on Christmas costumes and started dancing, undressing all the way through the dance, then began to make out with each other! That made me and my boy all horny again, we wanted more hardcore sex and got it! Two hottest chicks were licking my balls as I jerked off, and even the shyest babe at the party opened her mouth wide to take in my friend's cock! When I looked around I realized that everyone was fucking and making out! Blow jobs, pussy fuck, anal and other kinds of sex in all positions we knew!