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Thank god, another exam passed and that means another particular reason to celebrate! Plus, New Year is coming soon, so all the students are in the mood of partying, of course. I still remember how great it went last time when we escaped out of town to a deserted cottage, that was one awesome weekend, and we definitely wanted more of it. So we decided to throw another cottage party! What would you do to make it even better? Invite more sexy babes, for sure! We needed some fresh blood. Sex with girls that you've known for ages can be exciting, no doubt, but you easily get bored of it. This time we set up an experiment and invited a couple of chicks that we've never seen before, hoping that it won't kill the party.

Luckily, chicks that a friend of mine took along turned out to be extremely hot, so hot I thought they could fucking burn me alive with only their looks. And they obviously fancied us, which seemed like a good start. They were not too shy to kill the mood of a wild bash, all babes agreed to play a game of dare and didn't hesitate to take their clothes off. One hottie got rid of her bra and all the guys pawed that tasty cute tits of hers. Another cutie performed a strip dance for us and was such a teasing mover, her lines were so fucking seducing! That made all of us horny, and there was no way anybody would stop the fun! That's when I knew our party was going to see a lot of sex.

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The girl with rather exotic looks turned me on and I took her to the bedroom just for a check. And god, I'm glad I did! Her blow job was jaw-breaking, I was on cloud nine with my dick stuffed into her mouth as she was swallowing around it. Then I probed her pussy, thrusting hard from the back, in doggy, and then she topped me, moving her hips so professionally! Girls got fucked real good that night, some of them liked it rough, some wanted to dominate. Later on we all gathered upstairs to relax and chat. Guess I won't surprise you when I say that conversation turned into fucking again, yet another orgy with gorgeous party dolls!