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The story:

Isn't it cool to have a buddy whose pope can rent a house down in the country for two of you? Yeah, that's just was he did when we passed our dreadful exams with all A and B grades! Though the house was reserved for two of us, it had to contain four more, cos we were throwing a party there! Would be stupid to waste a weekend, especially when luxurious college girls were dying to get out of town for a while. To spend a couple of days in some deserted cottage with three super hot babes, who would refuse? If only a real dumbass, you know. And nowhere to escape, that was pretty tempting either :) So we show up there, and the fun begins!

We had to be skilled practitioners to talk such beauties into some dirty stuff. First rule if you want to achieve your goal is no hurry, just take it easy. So we acted as they wanted us to, chased our cuties and took care of them. Guess what, it worked again like it always does! Chicks like to reward their appear-to-be crushers, and when they are drunk and somewhere at the end of the world, you can expect more of them! When my rock-hard cock filled saucy babes mouth, I considered it a victory, cos she acted like she wouldn't let me to at first. I didn't know though that the real triumph was yet before us! Was it booze or sorta romantic atmosphere, no idea. But chicks seemed to be eager for more.

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Believe it or not, our whole planned party turned into kinda musical beds! When my boy was plundering that pippin's pink real hard, blown away with her unexpected skills, we suddenly waltzed in. But they were probably on cloud nine, or at least didn't seem disturbed and went on moving in some crazy rhythm. It turned everyone on, what else to say :) We were too horny by the time, so we just joined in and that's how one killing hot sex session began! Oh man, we exhausted those bombshells hammering their shaven heavens and ass-holes and what not! They never experienced double penetration before, for real! Well, just about time to acquire those skills! Though I had a feeling our party was going to be smashing, still it was shocking how good it went