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Student sauna punch
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The story:

Ok, so we newly passed our exams and on that very same day decided to throw a huge bash. It wasn't literally huge, considering that it was only seven of us, but when you get to know what happened later, you'll get my point ;) Sauna seemed to be a perfect place for our little punch. 'Cos it's supposed to be relaxing in the first place, right? And that's exactly what we needed, to get our sugar babes relaxed enough to undress and go party-hearty in their birthday suits! Do I have to say how gorgeous our chicks were? You should know how hot college girls are, yet sometimes you have to get them drunk to rise the temperature

Booze was helping, for sure. Can't remember how much alcohol we poured into each other! Probably a lot, cos the next thing I know – we are all naked and performing dirty dancing! College chicks know how to play shy though, but this little problem can be solved easily if you act to be a nice guy. This game of cat-and-mouse ended with a jaw-breaking blow-job for me! Which was just a beginning, cos real intimate stuff happened when me and my buddy talked one mouth-watering hottie into a wild sex action. That was insane, I'm telling you, me probing her cunt while my boy was filling her mouth with his dick, that's what I meant by 'huge', people!

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So our sex games kinda eased everybody, and sweeties finally gave in. Not that it was so unexpected, you know. For them, maybe, but we knew it was gonna happen from the very beginning. So when we all somehow fit in that tiny Jacuzzi, it was a show time for already horny boys and girls. Polishing some chick's pussy and getting even harder while watching her girlfriend's titties been played with and sucked by your buddy! And then all sudden wowing lesbian play, hell yeah! If you ask me, my dick was going to explode, but too much fun it was to end up quickly, so we squeezed the best of it and savored every moment. Man, when you throw a party next time, make sure to reserve some sauna, you know what I'm talking about!