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Love Doll: vol. 2
With the first round of testing for the Love Doll candidates fast approaching, Rachel�s sadistic uncle, Duke Dusse, is pushing her to sexual extremes. He�s determined to make her into the best Love Doll ever - one who knows every erotic technique and can cater to every lustful whim of the Royal elite. But while her uncle is focused on the upcoming test, Rachel is more worried about Andrew and her best friend, Beth. The two have often been seen together and there are even rumors they might be engaged... Has the love of her life betrayed her with her best friend? Then, when Rachel�s next erotic lesson lands her in a local brothel, she stumbles across Marsha, who sexually tortured her when she was at the convent. Forced to become a prostitute when her family fell from power, Marsha is plotting to regain her elite status by using her clients� dark secrets - clients like Rachel�s own uncle, Duke Dusse. What is the secret that he�s been hiding all these years? And what is hidden inside the forbidden Rose Room?